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Welcome to
Our Fourth Age

What is our "Fourth Age"?

For millennia, we hunted.  After the ice, we farmed.  For the last ten generations, we built.  Today we are teetering on the brink of societal and technological changes unlike anything ever before experienced. The degree and the rate of change are both accelerating us at lightspeed into a future our imaginations cannot grasp.  

For 7,000 generations, since anatomically “modern” humans emerged 200,000 years ago, children could look to how their parents and grandparents lived as a guide to how their lives would unfold.  No more. The world experiences of today’s parents and grandparents will have little, if any, relevance to the world that today’s children will inhabit.  Our children have no map, no talismans, to guide them . . .  other than their instincts, which were designed to survive in a world we left millennia ago. Instinctively, we fear the unknown—chaos—and are hardwired to overreact violently when we are frightened.  And chaos is about to engulf us.  Welcome to our Fourth Age.

Who is the Screaming Lady?

Apollo cursed Cassandra, daughter of Priam, with the gift of prophecy

that no one would believe.

She could foretell future events,

but could neither alter them,

nor convince others that they would occur.

Can We Survive The Fourth Age?

You are invited---implored---to discuss, to argue, to consider,

to discover on these pages what we need to do to survive the coming maelstrom.  

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