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Growing Pains Agonistes

This is hilarious. Also embarrassing. Actually it is a case in point. Here I am talking about technology disruption and how time depth has collapsed and there is nothing that my generation can contribute to helping younger generations survive and I can't figure out how to format the comments to my blog entries so that the font is large enough for me to read. I have to ask my granddaughter--she of the younger generation--to help me. Is there anything that personifies the enormous gulf separating our generations at this point in the evolution of our species so much as my not being able to figure out how to manipulate my blog's font size? I am totally lost. And intimidated. And, without giving myself too much credit, I'd like to think that I am comparatively more conversant with modern technology than most in my generation. Which suggests that probably 90%? of my generation can offer nothing to help 100%! of the younger generations. They are on their own. Goodbye and God speed.

I can't even figure out how to inset the paragraph without typing a couple three spaces...

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